Melos Rosin owned and run by Christos Sykiotis, was established in 2002. He previously worked as a freelance cellist and teacher for ten years playing with a number of well known - and not so well known - orchestras and ensembles. 

The relationship between the musician and the musical instrument is deep and strong, as musicians express themselves through it. The player is connected to his/her instrument in a "mystical way" - especially in cases of high quality instruments- often through an intense process and an extraordinary joy while serving his/her art.


"I was very impressed with Melos Rosin. This is definitely one of the best rosin I have ever tried. It gives you a smoothness but at the same time, it gives you a bite, too and gives you fine quality sound. I am so glad to discover about this wonderful rosin!" - KYOKO TAKEZAWA soloist, Professor of the Toho Music School and Tokyo College of Music and served as a jury member for the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, Menuhin and Weniawski

"Melos Rosin is the finest rosin we have ever tried.  It works equally well on our modern and old Italian instruments, for both chamber and solo playing.  All four of us are currently using it and enjoying fresh new sound and great traction. Bravo to Melos!" - EMERSON STRING QUARTET

"Melos light colored cello rosin is perfect for both solo and chamber music alike. It is the only rosin I have found that simultaneously cuts through an orchestra with impressive bite and clarity while affording tremendous warmth and sostenuto. It needs no breaking in time, and can be applied immediately before a performance. I use it generously--it is in a class of its own!" - JULIAN SCHWARZ soloist, chamber musician


Melos Rosin guarantees a warm, balanced sound without any strange noises or dust using all kinds of strokes (legato, spiccato, staccato, ricochet etc)  

In order to have the best results for every single instrument, Melos rosins are tested on different strings (regarding to length & thickness) on different instrument bodies.


 MELOS ROSIN allows the musician to achieve easily his/her objective: to play music!


  • Does not contain any chemicals (glucose, sugar etc.)
  • It is especially designed for every different instrument: violin, viola, cello, bass, baroque violin, baroque viola, baroque cello & erhu. Especially for violin, viola, cello and bass MELOS ROSINS are made for two seasons (dark rosin – winter, light rosin – summer)
  • Can be mixed. The user can mix different MELOS rosin types to have the results that prefer for every occasion.
  • It is always fresh (made only upon an order).
  • It is a 100% hand-made product.
  • It is made of high quality Greek pine-tree resin.
  • It is made by a musician who respects the right hand of his colleagues.