Yumba is a tango created by Osvaldo Pugliese in 1946 during the Golden Age of Argentine Tango”. This term comes from the rhythmical onomatopoeia (zhoóm-ba) whose “Zhoóm” or “Yum” syllable makes reference to the strong beats while “Ba” to the weak ones. This resource adopted by orchestras and composers has become a marcato, a typical feature within its style.

Our intention was to identify the brand with the sound, being the latter was new during that period, which was characterized by the splendor of Tango in Argentina, thanks to its popularity gained in the new worker class (industrial and urban) and dancing style.

Morever, Yumba was coined to honour theTango master Pugliese, who was popularly considered to be the patron saint of musicians. Last but not least, we are sure that to play “yumbeado accent” it is vital to rosin the bows thoroughly!