CECILIA Signature Formula Cello MINI



CECILIA Signature Formula Cello MINI



CECILIA rosin is the new name for ANDREA rosin starting in 2020. CECILIA rosin introduces a brand new ‘Liquid Form Blending Method’ with a new CECILIA ‘Signature Formula’ rosin. This new blending process enhances the purity of the rosin as well as increasing the preservation of the original chemical properties of the secret rosin formula. Each individual rosin ingredient is melted slowly until it becomes liquid. It is then dispensed through a special filtering screen and the ingredients are blended together.

“Signature Formula" is a new flagship formula of CECILIA Rosin by Cremona in America which provides a unique bowing sensation when in contact with the string and a clearly defined reaction. This is the most significant new development in our rosin formulas from CiA for the most demanding musicians. Available in viola, violin, and cello. In 2020, Cremona in America renames ANDREA rosin CECILIA. All premium rosins from CiA will be made under the name CECILIA starting in 2020.

Customer Reviews

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Easy on and stays on

The Signature rosin is very easy to apply, even a brand-new cake does not need any kind of scratching, and this was on a cold Chicago winter day with the furnace running constantly and quite dry air. Rosin stays on a long time. Very little dust during application and bowing. If you want rosin with good bite yet can pull a sweet tone, this is it. Very competitive with the more expensive Leatherwood Bespoke..

Tom Zahasky

This was great to receive and try. I am sold on your product and plan to stay with you as a customer.

Marc Brook
Not sure if its good. It arrived Broken

The sample sheet with rosin arrived broken and unusable

Jessica Powell Eig
Smooth, great bite

Love it!

Vanessa H
CECILIA Signature Formula Violin MINI

Great rosin that brings out a rich, clear tone from the strings. Thank you.