House of Rosin - Quattro Stagioni / Four Season Rosin for Cello

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House of Rosin's Quattro Stagioni / Four Season Rosin in special edition burl wood case.

  • PROFESSIONAL ROSIN: House of Rosin utilizes the best raw materials in a light & dark formula to provide a premium rosin experience for tone and articulation.
  • LOW DUST: Artisan rosin suited for all cello bows wood or composite.  Designed to minimize dust when used with horsehair.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Protective burl wood case held together by small magnets. Rosins slide out of case for ease of access.
  • VERSATILE USE: Combine the light (summer, hard) and dark (winter, soft) rosins for customized results.
  • NATURAL LIGHT ROSIN: Amber rosin with a harder formula designed for hotter climate.  Also helps in high humidity venues.
  • NATURAL DARK ROSIN: Dark green rosin with a softer formula designer for colder climate.

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