House of Rosin - House 'Light' Rosin

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  • PROFESSIONAL ROSIN: House of Rosin utilizes the best raw materials  in the light formula to provide  a premium rosin experience for tone and articulation at an affordable price.
  • LOW DUST: Artisan rosin suited for all violin bows wood or composite.  Designed to minimize dust when used with horsehair.
  • VERSATILE USE: Carefully crafted to be an instrumentalist's violin, viola, or cello rosin of choice.
  • NATURAL LIGHT ROSIN: A clear rosin with a harder formula designed for hotter climate.  Also helps in high humidity venues.
  • SUMMER STRING ROSIN: For best results, use the ‘Light’ formula during summer months, and our ‘Dark’ formula during winter months.

House of Rosin's own House Brand Rosin.  This formula is the "Light” variation and is best used during the Summer months for violin, viola, and cello.  Mix with our House of Rosin “Dark” rosin.  Apply in moderation for best results

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