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CiA, makers of the ANDREA brand of products, has produced over 200,000 cakes of handmade rosin since the establishment back in 2009. CECILIA Rosin series was launched on March 6, 2020 in the USA. The CECILIA name will eventually replace the ANDREA brand completely.


CECILIA Rosin will still offer 4 types of formula as listed below for violin, viola, and cello to satisfy specific needs in various performing environments.

Signature Formula - CiA’s new flagship formula of CECILIA Rosin which provides a unique bowing sensation when in contact with the string and a clearly defined reaction. Introducing ‘Liquid Form Blending Method’, this is the most significant new development in our rosin formulas for the most demanding musicians. This new process ensures the purity and the preservation of the original chemical properties of the secret rosin formula. The 'Liquid Form Blending Method' is the most significant new development and helps the bow to give rich, full and expressive tones without excessive and greedy bite.

SOLO - CiA’s long time popular formula that focuses on providing maximum projection as well as articulation. It is also forgiving under high bow pressure on the strings without the sound cracking. However, some musicians may find more effort is needed to create sensitivity in soft passages. Same formula as the ANDREA Solo, with new packaging and updated branding.

A. Piacere - The Legendary ‘Tartini Green' rosin that was available for just four years back in 2002. Admirers have described this special formula as giving a ‘silkier sound'. It offers a well blended, refined sound with slightly less projection than the SOLO formula. Same formula as the ANDREA A. Piacere, with new packaging and updated branding.

Sanctus - Initially introduced as CiA’s 10th Anniversary Special in 2018. Two rosin formulas with different properties in one unique block. The outer ring formula gives a silky smooth bowing experience with a focused sound on the strings. The center formula kicks in when the player demands more power and gutsiness from their instrument. Same formula as the ANDREA Sanctus, with new packaging and updated branding.